"Ohhh that light. THOSE shadows!"

Happy Tuesday and Happy Spring Everyone :) The sun is shining and it's in the 50's today... Wahoo! Spring arrived yesterday, but it hardly feels like it with all this snow still left on the ground. I'm anxious for that warm sunshine and more frequent exploring outside with my trusty camera (and iPhone).

Most of my personal work revolves around shots from my travels, nature and self portraits. When it's cold and old man winter hangs around, my nature shots hibernate. I prefer the warm temperatures, so I don't go outside and explore too often in sub-degree temperatures. To keep my creativity flowing and to not go house stir crazy, I take advantage of the indoor time and the natural lighting that, even in the cold seasons, spills through the windows in the front of my house, and build on my self portrait portfolio.

All of my self portraits are taken with my iPhone 6 and edited with mobile editing applications. I don't have a fancy remote or tripod for my phone. I use a window sill, wedge my phone between blinds (how I've not gone through sets and sets of blinds from doing this is beyond me!) or stack boxes, small tables, books, DVDs or anything else I can find that will get my phone at the right height. Set the timer on the native iPhone camera - and shoot away. You can imagine how the set looks with stacks of household goodies or an iPhone swinging in between blinds, LOL. But hey! It works and gets the job done :) Disclaimer - This is only for my self portrait shoots. I don't prop my camera in the blinds when working with clients during sessions, I promise ;) Unless it will get us that perfect shot - then, well, it's game on! Side note: I have studio lighting and a backdrop set on order! I can't wait for it to come in and try it out. My living room will have a studio feel in no time!

Below is one of my latest self portraits that I've edited and posted on my website and social media accounts. When I posted it on my Facebook page I mentioned that I would post a before and after blog with some information on how I made it. So here its is :) got your coffee by your side? A cozy spot to sit at? Just kidding... this is short and sweet. Ok - let me set the scene for this one. The sunlight was perfect spilling into the front windows of my house at about 4pm Sunday afternoon. Walking by one of my favorite shooting windows I stopped and excitedly squeaked out "OHHH that LIGHT! THOSE shadows!!!" Dinner was still cooking, so I had plenty of time (yay!). I kept the blinds down in the window to keep the "stripped" shadow effect, propped my iPhone at the corner of the window sill, set the timer and bada bing... I got some great shadow play shots. The grid below shows the steps of the photo from original to the final product. Some of the editing apps used were Mextures, Lightroom Mobile & Union App. Those are my usual "go to apps" for almost all of my self portrait images. I'm working on a few more shots from this impromptu "oh! I can't pass up this light and these shadows!" inspired shoot and will have this series available for print. Stay tuned!

When inspiration strikes, don't ignore it.

xx Katie

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