March - in like a Lion

"If March comes in like a lion, it will go out like a lamb" - I sure do hope the Farmers Almanac is right on this one. In like a lion for sure... Well, started as a lion cub, warm, sunny 60's the first few days. Now Mama Lion is showing her face. Even though RI didn't get as much snow as they had hyped us all up to get; it was still a snowy, icy, windy day. I'd give the ole' educated inches guess at 8"ish. Then the rain came, and took that 8"ish and made it a compact, slushy, 200 lb one scoop of the shovel - 5"ish. My back is thanking me for substituting my usual workout for slush shoveling *heavy sarcasm right there*.

My work day ended and there was still plenty of day light to capture, so I took advantage of that and did some shooting. The entire day was dreary and gray. Winter storm Stella did not bring much color with her wintery wrath. I needed some warm, sunshine feelings before the day ended. I grabbed the fresh flowers from the vase in the dining room and headed over to one of my two favorite shooting spots. My bedroom window. Propped my iPhone into position and let the shooting begin. I always try to have fresh flowers in the house from local markets. They never fail at brightening a gloomy day and bringing a smile to my face. Above and to the left (to the left... Beyonce style) is a shot from today's shoot. I loved how the colors popped against the white of my shirt and the dark, black background. Mission accomplished :)

Speaking of flowers, and bright days... Spring is around the corner! What better way to greet the warm sunny days then with a photo shoot. I bet the kids are itching to get back outside to play!! I'd love to capture their adventures for you and we can even sneak in some family shots while the kids have their guards down ;) Or maybe you want to treat yourself and have your own private session. Shoot me an email, a text, give me a call. I know great locations for outdoor shoots. If you book it... Spring will come (I couldn't resist...) xx Katie

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