About Me

Hi! That's me, Katie Teixeira. Thanks for stopping by. I'm a self taught photographer & fiber Artist located in the small New England state of Rhode Island. This is where I'm supposed to tell you all about me and all the things I do and have done as a photographer and creative junkie. I've thought long and hard on this, and when I ask myself why I love what I do, the answer is simple. I love to create & capture life. The emotions that flood us. The beauty that surrounds us. 

Interested in having me capture your life? An event? The beauty around you? Want a new statement piece for your home that is handmade with all natural materials? Contact me. Let's make it happen.

My personal work is available for print and I accept customs order requests. Click here or contact me, we can make that happen too!

Feel free to read my artist statement here

  • Eyes of the World, Sixteen Mile Art Gallery, Milton Ontario - June 2017

  • Mira Mobile Prize, Earth - Our plant, Mira Forum Portugal April-May 2017

  • The Equinox Experience, Santo Stefano Al Pointe Church, Florence Italy - March 2017

  • Impossible Humans The International Collection, Dairy Arts Center, Boulder Colorado - March 2017

  • Impossible Humans Unexpected Happening Exhibition, Galleria Lancellotti, Rome Italy - March 2016

  • Shadow Stories, Sixteen Mile Arts Gallery, Milton Ontario - April-May 2016

  • Photo Independent Fair, Los Angeles CA - 2016